MEATS gets the "One Eyed, One Horned, Purple People Eaters" treatment from Retroband... and sells out!!!

Talk about flying under the radar... a release that happened this past Easter weekend, a 24 hour window... and subsequently SOLD OUT, the awesome looking "One Eyed, One Horned, Purple People Eaters" edition of Retroband's MEATS figure didn't last long, and according to Aaron over at Retroband, he had so many entries, it made his head spin... so awesome! "In a frantic effort to find extraplanetary civilization, the International Space Coalition launched numerous research teams to Planet 9 in hopes of terraforming a new earth. After years of radio static from each team, a weak but distinct S.O.S. came repeating through the speakers at headquarters. The I.S.C. hastily dispatched an elite team to safely retrieve all members. The team was not prepared for what met them at the impact site, what they encountered was no longer human." The 12" tall MEATS figure featured purple soft vinyl with V-Color paint application and each figure came with a custom resin arm attachment and eye... Limited to 25 pieces, and retailing for $250 a pop... you can see why this sold out so fast. We love our MEAT, and obviously... you all do as well! Sign up for the Retroband newsletter so you don't miss out on the next release!

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