JFury’s “Pudge” Resin Rabbits in Hand-Painted Micro Editions!

Bagging a rascally rabbit is tough if your name is Elmer Fudd, but the rest of us should have no problem satisfying our bunny owning dreams thanks to the works of JFury. His newly created, roughly 3-inch tall “Pudge” resin figure makes his debut in the above pictured blue dream color and the below monotone version. Featuring sad looking eyes and a tendency to wear his heart on his chest, both of these “Pudge” versions are hand-painted by the artist himself. So, given the typically high demand for JFury’s original designer toy pieces, why do you think we’re saying this one will be easy to acquire? Mainly due to it being orderable for a full week! Available starting today (March 21st, 2016) at 3pm Pacific time, these “Pudge” pieces will remain in JFury’s online shop for 7 days before they disappear. Costing only $35 apiece or $65 for the pair, it would seem insane to pass up a deal like that!

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