*ON SITE* Paul Kaiju at Stranger Factory!!!

Stranger Factory hosted a special mid-month event this past weekend... a one night exhibition with the man, the myth, the extraordinary toy designer and artist, Paul Kaiju... and we have some rad photos from the opening thanks to Kay aka FotoJunkaay! The opening reception was on Saturday, March 19th (from 6-9 PM)... and as you can see from the photos, Paul brought a whole plethora of limited edition hand-painted custom figures, micro-run editions, and some special surprises... like those AMAZING dual headed Mockbats!

Oh... and PK didn't disappoint, as always! A flurry of bright colored creations, serious eye candy... and the most impressive (well not if you are familiar with anything PK does) a 100% sold out show! He had fans fly in from around the country just to snag pieces up... and, gracious as always, Paul chatted it up with everyone. Great show, PK... and congrats on a super successful show!

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