"TB.5" The Blank resin custom by HX Studio... is EPIC!!!

Jesper of HX Studio sent over his most recent, jaw dropping custom... and last time we posted about his work, He tackled a very similar figure... a Skullhead of sorts designed by Huck Gee in what was the 'Skullslinger' (posted HERE)... this time, a Skullhead 'The Blank' figure, and it's just as epic as last time! Featuring a customized resin figure, HX went to town on this beast, weathering, grunging, painting, and really breathing new life into this once blank platform. Oh, and he didn't just stop at customizing the figure, no, he went and created a rad base along with a resin 'D.O.G 2.0' figure as well as a sweet looking banner/flag that the figure, entitled "TB.5", is holding! If you dig this as much as we do, then set your alarms for Friday, February 19th at 22:00h Spain Time (1pm PST)... and head on over HERE, as it will be up for grabs for $200+s/h!

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