LeeeeeeToy’s Amazing “Earthly” Vinyl Figure Instagram Giveaway!

Perhaps you've noticed the cherub-faced “Earthly” figure floating around Instagram… Created by LeeeeeeToy, the 8½-inch tall piece features butterflies instead of hands, comes with one of two — boy or girl — head masks that conceal a rather simple interior face, and either a leaf or flower bloom covering up the piece's… um… nether region. Overall, a fantastically fresh work that certainly deserves more attention! These unpainted fleshy pink copies are not for sale, with only one of each gender available, that can be yours only by winning an Instagram contest!
  1. Repost the image for the boy from HERE and/or the girl from HERE, and tagging either with #LeeeeeeToy
  2. Then make sure you follow @LeeeeeeToy
That's it… You've entered! One winner will be chosen for each version, with the contest ending on March 13th, 2016.

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