Max Toy Company × Monster Boogie's new “GACHA-MAXX” series announced!

Called “GACHA-MAXX,” this is a Gachapon series released by Max Toy Company! Made in association with Max Toy’s sister company Monster Boogie, which is helmed by Yo Miyamoto and sculptor Yoshihiko Makino of TTToy, this soft Japanese vinyl (sofubi) set was originally teased by us a while back… but now we're thrilled to show off all 10 designs in it! Included is the mechanized madness of the “Dino Tank” & “Gator Sub,” the adorable animals known as “Sillymander,” “Butch the Platypus” & “Punch the Gorilla,” a slew of one-eyed creatures like “One-Eyezon,” “Cyclopean Cat,” “Cyclopus” & “Hoots,” and the robotic humanoid lass “Smo-Girl!” With test pulls pictured, we expect that this line — based on the popular Japanese vending machine-dispensed capsule toys — will be released shortly.

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