Hey Star Wars Fans… Check out Michael Lau’s “SM3 Gardener Series!”

Hong Kong-based toy designer Michael Lau, the visionary typically associated with birthing the urban vinyl movement, brings his street-level aesthetic to a new series of Gardener series figures. But really makes these standout is that they are based on Star Wars characters!
First revealed at this year's Toy Soul convention and spotted by us on Hypebeast, this series is titled the “SM3 Garderner Series” and, of course, it incorporates some of Lau’s familiar design work into, such as the below pictured “T3AO” interpretation of C3P0 which happens to share many similar motifs as Lau’s “Brian” character — the bald head, rounded ears, hipster goatee, and boxy shorts.
The main three figures — “T3AO” (C3P0), “DARTH FIGURE” (Darth Vader), and “MAXX SLEEPWALKER” (Luke Skywalker) — are all 12th scale, 6-inch tall pieces that are sold as trio only and not individually. Limited to only 49 sets, these are available from GUMGUMGUM for $280. But that's not all you can get…
There is also the return of Lau’s “DJ Tommy” character, adorned by his interpretation of the Stormtrooper armor, has become a Crazysmiles fan. Pictured at the top of this post, this “STOREFAN$UMER” action figure includes a "Take Away Bowl" helmet, carton armor, cash pocket bad, water gun, big tote bag, queue rope stand and even a "CSBOOTH!" Limited to only 99 pieces, this 12-inch tall, 1/6th scale standalone piece is also available from GUMGUMGUM, though for $340.

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