"Capt QUINT" Evolved - an urban vinyl, designer toy on Kickstarter now!

From the shadowy waters of the deepest abyss rises a new breed of apex predator, perfected by evolution and honed by technology: "Capt QUINT"!!! This is the first in a new series of collectible 8" toys, nautically-themed and retro-styled, by Savannah-based Thomas Troisch, aka Troublefish. Crediting his name to the ill-fated shark hunter of Steven Spielberg's 1975 JAWS, "Capt QUINT" is inspired by the distinct lines of legendary comic book artist Hergé, the iconic designs and vivid markings from the golden age of aviation, and mankind's inherent fascination with sharks... and it' up to you all to help make this project a reality on Kickstarter!

Featuring the classic lines from the dawn of jet aviation, "Capt QUINT" is finished in the distinct colors and markings of mid-century fighters. To stay true to the urban vinyl culture, a limited number of collectible pieces are scheduled for public release... and as you can see, there are a ton of rad tier levels you can pledge! If funded, these will be produced by Pobber Toys, so you know the quality is there! Head on over HERE right now to check out the entire campaign. It's fun, it's different, and if you are into sharks... this is perfect!

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