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Brent Nolasco's resin "Barse" Blanks... available NOW!!!

"Barse" is a grumpy fellow always looking for trouble. He sometimes gets along with "Bun Bun" and "Sonny" who both always try to cheer him up. Food is the best motivation to get him out of his funk, so Bun Bun and Sonny always keep a supply of snacks and goodies. Barse always enjoys their company after a good treat." New from Brent Nolasco is his "Barse" figure! Standing at just over 7.5" tall, this two piece resin rotocast monster is cast by Jacob Jams in a way where the head articulates... and the BLANK version of this little dude is up for grabs HERE right now for $65 a pop! Get out those brushes, and go to town!!!

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