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Super Secret Fun Club’s “Zombies Ate My Neighbors: Zeke” Figures!

If you're a fan of "run and gun" video games, then you certainly know of 1993’s Zombies Ate My Neighbors, a stylistic success even if not a commercial one. That, or you know it from the 2009 Virtual Console re-release which garnered quite the cult following. Either way, this Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis game sees you playing either Zeke or Julie in order to rescue the titular neighbors from famed horror movie monsters. This is all relevant to designer toys as Super Secret Fun Club prepare to release their original interpretation of “Zeke,” pictured above. Coming complete with a red squirt gun, health box, random can of soda, and random utensil, this mini figure is limited to an edition of 10 pieces, each signed & numbered. We're even told that the front and back card art is — kinda, sorta — in 3D, which is why every piece comes with a pair of SSFC 3D glasses! Available within the next 48 hours from the Super Secret Fun Club online shop!

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