Jon-Paul Kaiser's "The Woodsman" resin art multiple announced!!!

With the success (and his own little obsession) of "The Woodsman" print over the New Year, artist Jon-Paul Kaiser developed an original sculpt and roped in Evan Morgan to help cast him up. Each 4" resin figure will be hand-painted by JPK and comes boxed, signed and numbered. Want one?!?! These will drop HERE this coming Friday, January 29th at 12Noon where JPK will be putting them up as a pre-order for a 24 hour period, with the option of full payment (£150 - approx $215 USD) or a deposit of £50 ($72), with the outstanding balance due after two weeks when the figures will be ready for delivery. Oh, but there is more... a second, rarer color way offer - entitled the "Gingham"(bottom photo). This will be on sale for 24 hours as well, though numbers have been deliberately limited for this edition. Are you a fan of JPK's work, a fan of lumberjacks, or of both... then this is for you!

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