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Heather Hyatt’s “Mushroom Guardian” Custom Rooz Available Now!

Artist Heather Hyatt has just finished crafting the pictured one-of-a-kind 4-inch tall Rooz custom. Titled the “Mushroom Guardian,” this fantastical creation depicts "an ancient spirit creature that dwells in-between the spirit world and our own, ever keeping a watchful eye over a vast mushroom forest." Heavily sculpted upon, these elements seem a bit clunky in application, but it does work with the mushroom aesthetic. Over the figure's brilliant brown wash skin tone, the detail painting appears consistent and crisp, even if not detail heavy. With an overall feel reminiscent of Haus of Boz, Tomodachi, or even 64 Color's style, Hyatt even included an original sculpt in the form of the mushroom companion that was made completely out of epoxy resin clay and hand-painted with acrylics. Available now in Hyatt's online shop, this unique piece bares a $125 price tag.

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