My Plastic Heart presents: "Monstrosities" group Kaiju show!!!

That's right folks, the MONSTROSITIES show is back for another installment and this time will be just as impressive as the last! My Plastic Heart is stoked for this year’s lineup as it has almost doubled with 12 amazing US and Japanese artists being represented including the following: Blobpus, Bwana Spoons, Buildbots, Figure Lab, Gumtaro, Guumon, Paul Kaiju, Mechavirus, Miscreation toys, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, Splurrt, and Snatchpunch! This show is set to open on Saturday, January 2nd from 7-10pm and as we had expected, the Paul Kaiju/Mutant Vinyl Hardcore/Splurrt figures will be available via lottery at 8:30PM during opening night of the show and all other releases will be available for purchase starting 7PM in-store. Some of the artists will be in attendance so come out and meet some of your favorites!

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