Iconoclast Toys’s “(B)artist Series 1” with tons of Bootleg Simpsons Goodness!

Having gathered together six talented artists, including himself, Iconoclast Toys’s Manny X announces the “(B)artist Series 1,” a series of bootleg Bart Simpsons figures given a highly artistic evolution. Aside from his own “Rattboy” design, the series includes Deladeso’s “Barto,” JC Rivera’s “Bartlito,” Joe Flores’s “BS Doom,” Renone’s Lab’s “Bort’s Burgers,” and Penelope Gazin’s “Los Bartos.” While reinterpreting characters from popular culture — especially The Simpsons — is far from new territory, I do love that this is one series encompassing several artists. With a release coming soon to the Iconoclast Toys online shop, exact details are hopefully forthcoming… along with some reveals of the actual pieces, I hope!

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