The Loz Boz’s “Pom-Pom” Custom Dunny from the Haus of Boz!

Less reminiscent of Emmett Kelly’s hobo-esque sad clown and more of the Commedia dell'Arte classic character Pierrot, pining away for the love of Columbine, Laura “The Loz Boz” Copeland introduces us to “Pom-Pom,” the newest custom Dunny creation to take up residence in her fictitous Haus of Boz. According to Copeland…
Pom-Pom is a sweet little clown. He spends every day at the end of the pier, giving flowers to ladies and juggling bits of fruit, counting up all that change, hoping there'll be enough for a big fluffy stick of cotton candy just before closing time.
He can't get enough of that delicious fluff!
A sculpted upon and heavily modified 3-inch Dunny base that Copeland hand-painted to perfection, this wonderfully cute one-of-a-kind creation will be available on September 3rd, 2015 at 12 NOON Pacific time in The Loz Boz's online shop.

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