Scott Tolleson x Kidrobot - 'Confidential: Lotus Dragon Sighting #2' February, 2015!

Another week and another teaser as Kidrobot continues to share special video snippets of Scott Tolleson's upcoming 8-inch "Lotus Dragon" Dunny... and just like last week (video posted HERE), we have some new video that someone captured back in February of 2015! Posted up by Kidrobot, it appears that the elusive Lotus Dragon is not the last one in existence... in fact, it appears to have a mate and from the video above, two different species (colorways) are very apparent... and one is already on the loose! I wonder when/if it will actually be captured on camera, so we can see what this beast actually looks like. One thing is certain, people are out hunting it right now, so expect a Lotus Dragon in captivity before years end!

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