A MOTU Figure with a Death Star for a Head?!? What!?!

As the guy that created and curates the annual (In)Action Figures exhibitions for Clutter Gallery, I keep my eye carefully peeled for what's happening in the ’bootleg’ resin action figure world. And I like to think I’ve refined my eye to know a winner when I see one. So congrats to DCA Toys, creators of the pictured “Death Staro” figure, because I suspect you have a serious winner on your hands. Using a standard 5½ Masters of the Universe figure body, specifically with the Roboto interchangeable hand arms, “Death Staro” is topped with… well… the Death Star from Star Wars on his head! Using old school peg articulation and the interchangeable weapon/hand element, this piece strikes a cord. Available in limited quantities from HERE for a mere $25 apiece, these will also be on-hand at this year’s DesignerCon!

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