John Kenn Mortensen × Unbox Industries’s “Monster Baby” Coming Soon!

Making original illustrations reminiscent of Germanic fairy tale illustrations mingled with Edward Gorey’s aesthetics, macabre & fantastical artist John Kenn Mortensen entered the art toy world courtesy of Unbox Industries, who released his “Three Witches” design and recently teased his “Cannibal Trolls” as a follow-up. But that doesn't appear to be the end of Unbox’s desire to interpret Mortensen, as they’ve freshly teased the above pictured “Monster Baby” piece! Or, I should say, what I think is titled “Monster Baby“… The initial 3D render of the head seems to be VERY similar to the original illustration picture below. I just hope that if it is that piece, that it’ll come with a tiny stroller accessory!

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