Ian Ziobrowski’s “Being John Malkovich” Custom Dunny Set!

The film Being John Malkovich was as a truly existential and surreal experience, asking the viewer to consider what they would do after discovering a small door hidden behind a filing cabinet on the low-ceilinged Floor 7½ offices of the Mertin-Flemmer Building in New York City, a door that once enter allows you to find yourself in the mind of actor John Malkovich, able to observe and sense whatever Malkovich does for fifteen minutes. While I don’t know what Ian Ziobrowski would do given access to a portal like that, we can see that how he’d use the film itself as inspiration for a three 3-inch tall Dunny set for a collector. Perfectly rendering the John Cusack portrayed character of failed puppeteer “Craig Schwartz,” Ziobrowski also depicted “The Door” itself and the “Sad Monkey” as well. Immaculately conceiver and, moveover, executed, these perfectly complex pieces were created as part of a private commission, though interested parties can contact the artist about acquiring a commissioned piece of custom painted vinyl art for yourself!

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