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TkoM’s “Gamaotoko” debut horror sofubi figure release!

Stunning fiberglass sculptural artist Takahiro Komuro / TkoM has been exploring sofubi as a medium lately, a trend he continues with the “Gamaotoko” creature. Inspired by classic kaiju like Hedorah, this beast is not meant to be composed of industrial waste but rather biological waste… that is to say, feces. Yes, this crap creature is a stunning vinyl sculpture, standing 8½-inches tall and having five points of articulation. Limited to an edition of 20 pieces for this debut color scheme, “Gamaotoko #1” will be available beginning Friday, July 31st, 2015 at 8 am Pacific time for a 48 hour period, at the end of which — if there are more applicants than the 20 piece count, a drawing will be done to determine who can buy the works for $130 apiece. Please visit the artist’s online presence to place your request to purchase during the proper timeframe!

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