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"Wilbur" & "Jiangshi Acolyte" resin art multiples from Daniel Yu!

Daniel Yu's been super busy creating a batch of brand new figures, and up for grabs in his online store this coming Friday, June 12th at 6pm PST will see the release of "Wilbur" the steely-eyed baphomet and "Jiangshi Acolyte" the flesh-eating ghoul from the orient!!!

"Wilbur" will drop in the (Grey, Unicorn Barf and Terracotta editions)... inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's classic tale, The Dunwich Horror, Wilbur the mutant goat stands 3.75" tall and will be available in a cast Grey edition (limited to 10 for $30 each), as well as 2 handpainted mico-runs, the Terracotta and Unicorn Barf hand painted editions, each limited to 5 and retailing for $45 a pop. Now, the "Jiangshi Acolyte" will release as (singles)... the hopping ghoul from the orient stands 3.25" tall and comes in 3 editions - Grey, Jade Green and Pink - these will be an edition of 10 each and these will retail for $20 a pop! There will also be a 3-pack up for grabs... build yourself a zombie horde in one fell swoop! Includes 3 mixed parts Jiangshi Acolytes (limbs not interchangeable). Edition of 10 sets, and they will be $60 each! So very good... this new batch of characters is awesome!

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