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For Swanicorn fans: Daniel Fleres × Chauskoskis’s “Smallicorn” for SDCC 2015!

If you're a fan of the brilliantly cute “Swanicorn” design by Daniel Fleres, a stumpy-legged hybridization of a swan and a unicorn, then this year’s San Diego Comic-Con will have a true treat for you: the “Smallicorn!” Enlisting the extreme sculpting skills of Chauskoskis, Fleres’s adorable beast has been slightly shrunk to 4½-inches. While difficult to tell in the above teaser picture, it looks like the legs have been made proportionately slightly longer and the head is tilted a tad more downward, making the finished piece look even cuter — as impossible as that sounds — than the original. With more details forthcoming on this piece, we wait with baited breath to find out how many — or few — will be at SDCC.

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