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Crummy Gummy’s “The Four Faced Gummy (Crimson Edition)” at PiQ!

Taking a commonplace item and elevating it to art is a difficult task, especially when the product in question is junk food. And yet artist Crummy Gummy has made a notable career off of constructing works related to the iconic gummi bear candies. Pictured above is “The Four Faced Gummy (Crimson Edition),” a brand new design that the artist will be making available at his upcoming show for PiQ at the Universal CityWalk (6000 Universal Boulevard, Suite 745J, Orlando, FL 32819). “This Alien relic of Magic and Mystery can bring great fortune or damnation to whomever dare posses it,” the artist warns, adding that ”the figure shows the four faces of Joy, Sadness, Anger and Death!” Limited to an edition of 5 for the exhibition, they will be available on Saturday, May 9th, 2015 at 7PM local time.

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