Bwana Spoons still has the "Drizzleshits"... and "Suns Of Brodarr" in crystal clear vinyl!!!

Oh boy. Things are really heatin' up over at Gravy Toys... and Bwana Spoons informs us that his 'Drizzstarter' is in full tilt mode... but are still a few orders shy from unlocking the mystery Skinner figure, so head on over HERE right now and make it happen!!! Want more incentive... all orders through the weekend will be entered in a lotto for a "Drizzleshits" testshot. Both Standard Glow Drizzz, DX Drizzz, and trans Rootbeer Drizzz are available at gravytoys.com - want more news?!?! Tomorrow at 10am, Bwana will be offering up all five available "Suns Of Brodarr" in crystal clear vinyl... so good! You can snag up "Quiller" by Paul Kaiju, "Kamisama" by T9G, "Lonny", "Jeff", and "Private Hooligan" are all up for grabs, and for the first time not as a blind bag. You can order any or all five at a slightly discounted price. YES!!!

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