A tasty bit of steampunk-ish Victoriana… Hugh Rose's "Deepsea Diver" is retro-tastic!

UK based artist Hugh Rose has been teasing his upcoming original art toy, the "Deepsea Diver," for a while now but it seems like the project might be nearing completion. Pictured above is a mock blueprint of the steampunk-ish design that will be included with pieces, based on the rough scale drawing Rose made to work from. Below right is a prototype figure made out of foam, assembled using double-sided tape on the joints, to make sure that the planned articulation for the final piece — at the neck, shoulders, wrists, and waist — all move without colliding into other parts or off-balancing the design. As everything looks good, Rose has been forging ahead and we anticipate a resin version of this spectacular looking piece in the months ahead!

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