Every artist wants a red dot from a gallery show… and now UME Toys is letting you buy one!

Every artist, whether they are honest about it or not, wants to see that little red dot beside their piece when it is in a gallery show, a single colored circular indicator that a work of art has been purchased. Rich "UME Toys" Page knows this and so he has created "Todder," the anthropomorphic red dot with a cute ass. Standing about 3-inches tall, this solid resin figure was hand-sculpted, -cast, and -painted by Rich. I especially love the awkwardly shy mannerism imparted on the arms, it's a subtle but lovely touch. Adding to the excitement of this figure's debut, Page has created a one-off custom version of the character that mimics the appearance of comic book comedian Deadpool, which he has titled "TodPool" (pictured below)! Both versions will be available on Friday, February 6th, 2015 at 1PM Pacific time in the UME Toys online shop.

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