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JUNGLE's "Gaikochu," "Kobusuke" & "Suigin-kun" sofubi releases available TONIGHT!

Japanese toy maker & retailer JUNGLE are dropping a variety of figures tonight, including new versions of fan favorite "Gaikochu" by designer Skulltula, pictured above, as well as the two new-ish figures — "Kobusuke" & "Suigin-kun" — pictured below. "Kobusuke" (コブ助), designed by Shimomoku's Takuma Fujioka, is a roughly 2.5-inch tall tripod design, which has been cast in orange and light blue Japanese vinyl (sofubi) to be offered as unpainted for ¥2160 (approx. $18) and painted ¥3780 (approx. $32) versions. And while the "Kobusuke" made its debut at Design Festa 2014, the "Suigin-kun" (水銀くん, meaning "Mercury child") is a brand spanking new 2.75-inch tall piece offered as silver sprayed for ¥3240 (approx. $27) and as glow-in-the-dark with silver spray for ¥3780 (approx. $32). All these pieces will be available tonight (December 20th, 2014) at 8PM Pacific time in the Jungle online shop.

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