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Jesse Hernandez's cancelled 8-inch "Tlaloc Dunny" from Kidrobot!

A proper news blog in this industry can't simply report the good; sometimes we must report the bad as well. In an unfortunate turn of events, it appears the new Kidrobot regime has opted to cancel the above pictured 8-inch "Tlaloc Dunny" design by Jesse Hernandez, which we'd previously teased about. While the new sculpts might've been a financial burden on KR up until recently, it is our understanding that they've been freed from such woes and given carte blanche permission to return to being purveyors of artist-driven designer toys. So this cancellation certainly comes as a surprise, especially considering how cool this urban Aztec styled piece appears to be! Sadly, if this is the direction of things to come, I can give up my dream that "Azteca Dunny Series 3" will be happening… though with the bevy of South American based talent currently working in the field, that's a true shame.

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