Instinctoy's "Crayon" Muckey at DesignerCon via Circus Posterus!

One of the Circus Posterus’ family’s favorite toys of the past couple years has been the adorable and slightly creepy bear from Instinctoy, Muckey... and the folks over at CP are excited to let you know that they have partnered with Instinctoy for Designer Con 2014, and will be offering an exclusive early debut sale of the next Muckey colorway, the "Crayon" Muckey! The Crayon Muckey features a delightfully variegated glow-in-the-dark pattern and multicolored teeth, and will be debuting this November at the Circus Posterus table at Designer Con. Sales for Instinctoy’s "Crayon" Muckey will begin at 3pm Saturday, and at door opening on Sunday. Best of luck trying to snag one of these... they are going to go fast!

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