The Graphix Chick × DMS × alto's "Pneuma Skulls" hand-painted Skelevex series!

The Graphix Chick brings a minimalist, pattern-based artistry to this series of hand-painted pieces, making a total of nine unique renditions of the popular skull-shaped collaboration between Chris "alto" Dobson and DMS, known as the "Skelevex." Calling here series "Pneuma Skulls," each of the 2½-inch tall resin pieces has been carefully crafted upon with acrylic paints, including some metallic acrylics, before being clear coated three times with varnish to ensure longevity and fade resistance. These will be available in The Graphix Chick's online shop on Sunday, September 21st, 2014 at 9PM Pacific time for $70 apiece.

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