Plastik Schmack! group art show hosted by Streets of Beige!!!

The guys over at Streets of Beige are back with another awesome group art show... and this go around, instead of it being just an online event, it's an actual physical event you ALL can attend! Entitled 'Plastik Schmack!, this show will feature artists: Daniel Sparkes aka MUDWIG, Ashmadethis, 45RPM, Ermsy, Chad Woodward, Mick Minogue, Listen04, Will Laren, Mr. Flurry, ROTWANG, Bernard Rollins, Warwick Johnson Cadwell, Jack Teagle, Jack West-Oram, Michele Guidarini, Mr. Four Fingers, Dan Shearn, Super Future Kid, Tom Deason, Chris Malbon aka MELBS, Patch Plummer, Bob Motown, Josh Ln, Andrew Richmond, WOLFMASK, Sam Cookson Probably and Ink-On-Skin... a giant lineup, and the majority of the artists involved are predominantly known for their 2D drawing work, thus this brief pushing them way outside their existing comfort zones. Opening on Friday September 19th at 7:30pm BST - those of you located in the UK (address in the flyer) have got to swing by to check this out... it's going to be a doozie!

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