"You Missed a Spot" custom Dunny by Wicked Skinny Studio!!!

Art Whino’s 5th annual month long G40 Art Summit just launched this past weekend, and Jeremy Regan of Wicked Skinny Studio completed an awesome custom 8" Kidrobot Dunny for this event... and above, you can see the result! Entitled "You Missed a Spot", this figure is a dual sided Dunny modified using oven bake clay, inks, acrylics, and glow in the dark paint. With one point of articulation at the neck, this piece can be displayed up to 4 different ways to change its expression, day or night. It also includes a modified Frank Kozik Monger and vinyl eggshell remains that help explain how this little guy got so messy... so awesome! Want to see more from Jeremy, hit up his Facebook or Instagram!

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