Nathan Jurevicius × Toy Art Gallery - "Pelėda Gods" sofubi gacha mini figure series prototypes!

The owl obsessed mind of Nathan Jurevicius brings forth the "Pelėda Gods" mini figure series, to be produced by Toy Art Gallery. "Pelėda" is Lithuanian for "Owl," making the name of this series "Owl Gods"… and, if my count is correct, twelve unique designs are shown off below!
While not specifically credited, these were sculpted by the super talented Jorge M. aka Macsorro, and the series is being referred to as a gacha (or gashapon) mini figure series, which typically indicates being sold blind boxed — or capsuled — though selling individually or in sets isn't unheard of. We understand these will be initially released early in 2015, so we won't have to wait too much longer to find out more!

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