Haus of Boz's second original resin figure is… "Eidolon" and he's a Bunny Rabbit!

Always go with your gut feeling. My initial guess was that the brand new original figure to come from Haus of Boz would be a rabbit (HERE), and then I revised it to be a bunnicorn (HERE), and — of course — it ends up being a rabbit! A rabbit named Eidolon, mind you.
The Eidolon is a shade of the long gone, giving life after death to those with unfinished stories. Silently sailing through the swirling ether, Eidolon appears as it pleases to lure you wheresoever it wishes.
Standing roughly 5⅜-inches tall from the base to the tips of the ears, this first hand-painted piece is painted in iridescent acrylic and finished with UV resist and gloss varnish. Signed and numbered on the base with the Japanese kanji for "rabbit" (usagi, ウサギ or 兎) on the left inner ear, this fantastic figure will be available at 12PM Pacific time on Thursday, September 4th, 2014 in the Haus of Boz's online shop for £60 (approx. $100). And if you miss this beautiful work of art, fret not too much… we understand their are three more Eidolon pieces already in process of completion!

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