"Darth Kelemer" resin bootleg action figure from GoodJunk Toys!

The folks over at Good For You Toys teamed up with Junkfed (the awesome dude who brought us the Imperial Spock Trooper) to create "Darth Kelemer" under their collective brand name, "GoodJunk"! A tribute to the man himself, Dov, the driving force behind DKE Toys. Come to find out, they planned it for his 41st birthday which was this past Sunday, but as you can see... that time has passed, but no worries, an edition of 20 will be up for grabs HERE next Friday the 12th of September at 12Noon PST for $100 a pop! Action Dov comes complete with signature grey shirt, black shorts and sandals... and since we are talking about the collector of collectors himself, there is also a micro "Darth Kelemer" carded with custom bubble in mint and ready to grade condition! So awesome!

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