Nouar's “Satisfaction Guaranteed” resin creations at Corey Helford Gallery!

Back in July, Corey Helford Gallery hosted artist Nouar in her “Satisfaction Guaranteed” show where she displayed a whole new array of resin induced wall hung painting hybrids... and along with these, she debut her very first resin art multiple! In what appears to be inspired by her "Uncle Jello Nouar" painting, these resin figures look extremely delicious. Their bright contrasting jello like translucency along with painted on details make these figures super unique... and one can't help be drawn into their cheeky little smiles and their dapper suits! Made from resin and polyurethane, these guys sit 7" tall by 9" wide and all sold out during the show! With names like "Peaches and Cream", "Blueberry", "Lime Parfait", "Fruit Cocktail", and "Cherry"... is there any wonder why you don't just want to run up and lick them!??!? Some of the figures also had inclusions floating around in their heads... so awesome! No word on if she will be making more, but we vote she does... these are awesome!

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