Miscreation Toys x Worthy Enemies's "The Breakfast C.H.U.D." T-Shirt & Print!

With the end of this month marking the 30th anniversary of horror cult classic C.H.U.D., or Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers, Miscreation Toys created the concept for this '80s film mash-up — "The Breakfast C.H.U.D." — and enlisted his favorite artist (& frequent Retroband collaborator) Worthy Enemies to execute it. Printed in limited quantities and exclusive to Miscreation Toys, this design has been done as an EIGHT color, bright florescent ink screenprint on 100% cotton "Alstyle" black t-shirts as well as 11"×17" high quality prints on cardstock, limited to only 25 pieces! Both the t-shirt and print will be available today (August 29th, 2014) at 12 NOON Pacific time in the Miscreation Toys online shop for $30 and $25 apiece, respectively.

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