"LUMI" – a do it yourself (DIY) designer toy platform from Russia... help get this made!!!

Russian based artist, Maximilian, just launched a new campaign to raise money for his creative new toy... It’s called "LUMI" – a do it yourself (DIY) designer toy platform resin toy made in Russia. There are two versions offered now, D.I.Y. Blank white and G.I.D. Glow in dark, plus there is a lottery running, and a contest will be starting this week for the best LUMI custom design, templates will be posted on the indiegogo campaign page HERE and the winner will receive one LUMI toy. It's a really clever idea, allowing not only for the resin bulb to be used as a head, but also actual light bulbs to be screwed into its socket. This reminds me of a figure that Walter Jacott aka Chauskoskis was working on back in 2009 entitled "Socket Boy" (Posted HERE) which never came to fruition... but I digress... YOU all can help this project become reality, head on over HERE to help get this project funded!!!

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