The Loz Boz's technicolor & dayglo sea snail Sheru, a custom 3-inch Besto's 2011 Series Dunny!

Coated with a hand-sculpted array of aquatic life upon his form, this customized "Snail Dunny" — originally Betso's contribution to the 2011 Dunny Series — has been transformed into the technicolor creation known as "Sheru" by the Haus of Boz's The Loz Boz.
Who is that inching along the sea bed, sportin' a technicolour mobile home?
It's Sheru, the only snail that can be taken with a pinch of salt. It's taken an awful lot of chewing and dribbling to get the decor just right, so it's best to be tactful if you don't appreciate the luxuriant dayglo theme. Just put on some sunglasses, and tell him he's stylin' and you've got a squishy little friend for life.
This magnificently reworked 3-inch Dunny form has had sculpted parts added and been completely hand-painted within the Haus of Boz Studio, as well as being finished with a coat of UV resistant varnish and gloss. Plus, you know, he can be yours if you're fast enough! "Sheru" will be available on July 17th, 2014 at 12 NOON Pacific time in The Loz Boz's online shop for £68.99 (approx. $118)!

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