The Loz Boz's adorable pond-dwelling "Little Koi" customized & resculpted 3-inch Dunny!

Evolving the evolved, Haus of Boz's The Loz Boz takes a final stage 3-inch Dunny by Frank Kozik from the "Dunny Evolved" series and transforms it into "Little Koi," an adorable fishy friend for you to get to know and love!
Little Koi is a shy beast, usually hiding in the shadows of the mountain pools, keeping a low profile.
He hides under lily pads, waiting for you to drop something delicious in the water, and if you do, maybe you'll see him rush out to grab it before all the greedy fat fish come to gobble it down.
He does like hot dogs, so if you are passing his pond, and you don't want that last bite, he'd be glad I put a word in for him.
This magnificently reworked 3-inch Dunny form has had sculpted parts added and been completely hand-painted within the Haus of Boz Studio, as well as being finished with a coat of UV resistant varnish and gloss. Plus, you know, he can be yours if you're fast enough! "Little Koi" will be available on July 24th, 2014 at 12 NOON Pacific time in The Loz Boz's online shop for £69.99 (approx. $120)!

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