Luke Chueh x Munky King - "Headspace" figure prototype teaser...

Woah!!! Check out what Luke Chueh just posted up... a nice little teaser of an upcoming project with Munky King, and all Luke says is "What's inside my Headspace? Nothing but a peg..." Well, if you recall, Luke created a series of paintings back in 2012 for the London based 'Moniker Art Fair' that he called "Headspace" that features the body of his bear figure holding its head - like it was a mask - only to reveal so many more heads upon the body... like in the photos that you see above! If they plan on releasing this as a blind box of sorts, or you buy the figure and the heads are blind boxed...who knows, what we do know is that this is an amazing idea, and hopefully we get to see the prototype at SDCC in the next few days! More on this when we get it!

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