Carson-Con is live!!!

If you can't beat em', join em'... or in Carson Catlin's case... have your own convention! "Well, as I was leaving work Friday I felt a bit left out not attending SDCC this year. And I thought, why cant I have my own little convention via my web store? Discussing it with my 8 year old son Jasper he had the great idea to call it carsoncon. With that I went forth and cut up a few pieces" Up for grabs HERE right now are some seriously cool pieces... including a reticulated a Hello Kitty, a "Labbit", a Jeff Staple "Pigeon", a Joe Ledbetter "Smash", and even a collaboration with Michael Ward of Swaves. This marks the first time Carson ever had his mark on shoes... and he hopse its not the last. Oh... and because it's his convention, he is giving you folks FREE shipping... so go HERE now, pick up some rad custom pieces!

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