Crappy toys from the Fiend Club! KFHC's "Gut Guzzler" is Available Now!

The intro paragraph to this release says it all:
Do you love garage kits from the 50's & 60's?
Do you love shitty toys??
Are you a FIEND???
If yes, then you'll love the…
The KFHC Gut Guzzler!!
Yes, rotocast marbled resin figures each with their own screen printed cloth hood featuring The Misfits's iconic Crimson Ghost skull reinterpreted as if is was a two-faced Boryoku Genjin from NagNagNag! Limited to an edition of only 5 blind bagged pieces, each one is different from the next. Available now in KFHC's online shop for only $45 apiece.

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