Paul Kaiju's "Mockadelic" One-Night Custom Art Show at Rampage Toys in Tokyo, Japan!

The rumors are true, Paul Kaiju has teamed up with Jon M. of Rampage Toys for a one-night only custom kaiju exhibition! It appears that the show will contain Mockbats and Mockbat Pilots hand-painted by Jon M. and, we're sure, some by Paul Kaiju as well! Though information is vague at the moment, we hope to have more before the event itself.

The "Mockadelic" One-Night Exhibition will be on June 27th, 2014 with tickets available from 6PM local time, sales from 7PM local time, and a party beginning at 8PM local time at Rampage Studios, 171-0032, 3-14-9 雑司が谷, 豊島区東京戸, Japan.
Please note: Sales will be in-store only for these times; if there are any on-line sales then they will begin in the following days at Rampage online shop.

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