Hey, The Walking Dead fans... Lucille is coming!!!

Fans of The Walking Dead?!?! Well, if you follow the graphic novel... you know that there is one bad guy that hasn't been seen just yet in the television adaptation of the show, and just so you all know, this dude makes 'The Governer' look like a little girl... I'm talking about Negan, and with him his trusty weapon of choice... a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire that he calls 'Lucille'! That being said, we just got word that Skybound Entertainment has teamed up with the folks over at October Toys to release 'Lucille'... in what capacity, and when? That's still a mystery... but I can only assume more will be revealed very soon with a possible release for SDCC 2014. Until we find out more, marinate on that image above... BRUTAL!

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