Kidrobot x Andrew Bell - "Orange Drop" MASSIVE 20" Dunny revealed!

We teased you all with a post HERE a few weeks ago showing off the then soon to be released 20" Dunny from Kidrobot and Andrew Bell entitled 'Orange Drop'... and now we have the official announcement from Kidrobot!!! "The enchantingly ripe orange sun fades into the night. Featuring Andrew Bell’s illustrative imagery against an eye catching orange fade. Compelling and rich, it’s beauty is captivating." I love this... probably one of KR's best 20" designs thus far... the only thing I wish is that it mimiced the clear translucent ABS material of his smaller counterpart, 'Lemon Drop'... how sick would that be?!?!? Regardless... I really dig the design, the gradient fade, and the overall look of this piece... bravo, Mr. Bell! Orange Drop will be available at Kidrobot stores, kidrobot.com and select retailers on July 3rd for $399.99.

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