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Furry Feline Creatives go KAIJU crazy for SDCC 2014!!!

Alvin and Cheri over at Furry Feline Creatives have been uber busy prepping for SDCC 2014, and with them, they plan on bringing a whole bunch of exclusives... just like the ones you see above, presenting the "Kawaii Kaiju Friends"! First, is Purridge dressed up in two colorways of "Kawaii Kaiju Purridge" in Tangerine and in Lightning Blue in style of the Japanese kaiju figures. These measure 13" tall and will retail for $60 each.
Next is "Go-Go Supaiku Dude"! Aside from those six pack abs and his neon green colorway complexion, he is carrying a spiky shell on his back. Measuring 12" x 10" x 8". This will be up for grabs and priced at $50! Lastly,they have Ringo who with all his technical abilities was able to reconstruct the alien suit and disguises himself as "Ultra Mega Ringo"... this will be $50 a pop! Each of the plushes are limited to only 10 pieces, 100% handmade by designer artist Cheri Ong using soft fleece, felt and polyfill and will be at Booth #5149 right beside Tokidoki.

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