Funko & Super7 give 'Nightmare Before Christmas' & 'The Terminator' the ReAction treatment!

What's this? "Nightmare Before Christmas" ReAction Figures! The Pumpkin King and the rest of your favorite Halloween Town citizens are joining the ReAction Figure line thanks to the folks over at Funko and Super7! All your favorite characters join the party including Jack Skellington, Sally, Mayor, Behemoth, Barrel, and Devil! Look for these ghastly ghouls this August! But wait... there's more...
Also releasing in August is the ReAction version of "The Terminator"!!! That's right... you can have your own judgement day with these awesome figures that feature T800 Terminator, T800 Endoskeleton (Shine and Dull), The Terminator, Sarah Connor, and Kyle Reese! It's not a man, it's a machine... Sarah Conner has been targeted for Termination and only one man can save her! Travel back in time to the 80's with these Terminator ReAction Figures!

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