Buff Monster's "The Melty Misfits: Jumbo Cheap Toy" Resin Figures & Archive Sale!

Tomorrow will mark the debut of Buff Monster's brand new "Jumbo Cheap Toy" figures. Debuting with three designs, each standing 2½-inches tall — about twice the size of the originals! — the first colorway will be clear resin with a bright pink swirl. So where will these be making their debut? At Buff's Archive Sale! If you're in NYC, then there's no reason not to go… You'll be able to snag his new print, these new figures, find rarities long thought sold out, and even just see Buff's studio! Taking place on Saturday, June 21st, 2014 from 12 NOON to 3PM Eastern time, those interested need to RSVP by emailing info [at] buffmonster [dot] com and they'll send you the address.

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