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Truly something crazy…New Johnny Ryan × Monster Worship release inspired by Lovecraft or…

Under the guise of the above pictured Instagram contest, Monster Worship expose us to a "mysterious documend found in a sub-basement of an abandoned mental institution in Bridgewater, MA," which is quickly clarified with "I'm not sure who the artist was, but they are seriously deranged. Found it at a flea market and decided to make some copies to sell starting on Friday 5/16." While that seems straight-forward enough, I can't help thinking that the are looks suspiciously like the work of Johnny Ryan and that this might be the most brilliant way ever to 'secretly' release a new figure. I guess we'll find out on Friday, May 16th, 2014, when whatever it is appears in the Monster Worship online store. And, of course, you can actually enter the contest by following @monsterworship (which you should do anyway) and reposting this image HERE with the hashtag #mdfiasoaamiibm.

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